How to Avoid Foreclosure

How to Avoid Foreclosure

You can avoid foreclosure if you are aware what are the means to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosure is the worst possible financial condition. Once you face foreclosure, it drops your credit score by 250 to 300 points and foreclosure is shown in your credit report for almost 10 years.

How to avoid foreclosure is a question that many people wants to know in this financial crunch. You may have taken a big amount of loan even with higher interest rate to buy your dream home. But now it seems to you impossible to make the monthly mortgage payments and it seems that foreclosure is knocking at your door.


f you have missed 2 or 3 months monthly mortgage payment and got the letters from your lender, then please do not ignore those letters and do not avoid the lender. If you avoid the lender then you may not be able to avoid the foreclosure.

As soon as it seems impossible for you to make monthly mortgage payments or any difficulties, call your lender or meet him to inform then problems that you are facing.


Your lender is the best person to help you out in this position. Believe me, no lenders wants their clients to face foreclosure. They will help you at their best if you inform then your problems. Ask your lender if there is any alternative option available for you to avoid foreclosure like forbearance, reinstatement, Short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure etc.

Some people even files Bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure. So please do not delay. You should take quick actions when it seems difficult for you to make the mortgage payments

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