Second Mortgage

What is Second Mortgage or 2nd Mortgage!

A Second Mortgage is a secured mortgage loan taken against your property. This is an additional loan where already the primary mortgage exists. If you default on the mortgage, then you will have to pay your primary mortgage loan first but you are also obliged to pay the 2nd mortgage as this is a secured mortgage loan.


If you default on the 2nd mortgage then the 2nd mortgage lender can also declared foreclosure and sell your property to get his money back.

The Interest rate of the 2nd mortgage is generally higher than the first mortgage. So it is very very important for you to judge whether you can afford the mortgage payments or not before opting out second mortgage.

If it seemed that the interest rate is higher and you cannot afford an additional mortgage payments of the 2nd mortgage, then it is better to avoid it, but 2nd mortgage is a great option to get quick cash when it is most needed link if you want to pay your medical bills or your child’s college fees.

How Does a Second Mortgage Work?

A second mortgage works as a secondary mortgage loan. A Second mortgage is not the Primary mortgage. It is actually the subordinate to the First mortgage. This is also known as Home Equity Loan. Generally the interest rate of the 2nd mortgage is comparatively higher than the first mortgage. The 2nd mortgage also goes through the similar process like the first mortgage.

A second mortgage is also a secure loan as the loan amount is secured against your home equity and the lender can foreclose your property if you default on your mortgage payments. But he will get paid only after the first mortgage lender gets paid. So the 2nd mortgage lender can buy out the first mortgage lender and foreclose the property.


When should you go for Second mortgage or 2nd mortgage loan?

If you are in need of some immediate cash then 2nd mortgage is a really a very good option to opt for. You can invest the cash in your business or pay the medical bills pay your child’s tuition fees or college fees.

How can you get a second mortgage?

The procedure of getting a 2nd mortgage is similar to the first mortgage. So you should shop for the lender to check out who can give you the best rates ad terms. You will have to pay the closing cost too to get the Second mortgage. But before for the second mortgage think twice whether you can afford the mortgage payments or not.

So before going for a 2nd mortgage loan, do a detailed market research and find out who can provide you the best rates and terms in the mortgage market.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Second Mortgage

There are many needs in everybody’s life which cannot fulfill by the normal earnings and it always stays like untouched dreams. Here is the time to think how to achieve those needs quickly. A primary mortgage loan is fulfilling need of people’s basic dream of home. Now a second mortgage is needed here to fulfill the all dreams.

The second mortgage is an additional subordinate mortgage loan on the same property against the buildup home equity. So you can take out the second mortgage to cash out the home equity to enjoy the all untouched dreams but you have to know the all advantages and the all disadvantages of the second mortgage.


The main objective to take this type of loan is to fulfill the demand of lot of money at a time. The second mortgage is the only best way to cash out the buildup equity and use the money for children education, home renovation or addition of fixtures and urgent payment of the other debts. Some people need this second mortgage only for avoiding the Private Mortgage Insurance. People think that borrower money against his home is safe then other so they use the second mortgage loan.


Having this all advantages the second mortgage have disadvantage too. With enjoyment of the lots of money from the second mortgage they forget about the fact that they are risking their home, the ultimate asset of them. If they fall to pay off they will lose it forever. The second mortgage is a great risky loan for the lenders too, so the lenders charge a higher interest rate on it which increases your monthly payment.

Whenever finally you need to take second mortgage you have to keep remember the all advantages and disadvantages as per your situation. There are lots of fees to activate this second mortgage, so you need to so careful on it.

Why do you need a 2nd Mortgage?

There are lots of reasons of taking loans and advances because this present age is the age of credit. The main reason of getting second mortgage is the need of lot of money at a time. At First you need to know the second mortgage which is also another loan or mortgage in which the home property is collaterally used as a security for the both mortgage.

The term “second” is used for the priority of clearing in case of default as the primary or the first mortgage will be clear before clearing the second mortgage. The most asked question is that why the Second Mortgage is used for.

The second mortgage is possible when you have lot of equity in your house property and you have good credit score too. The current primary mortgage lender will help you to get quick application approval for the second mortgage on the current good relationship or otherwise you can go to any lender for getting second mortgage with good equity. After approval of your second mortgage loan against your home you will able to get enjoy the facility of a bigger loan amount.

You can use the big amount of money to the home improvements, clearing car loan, expansion of your business, purchasing the new properties or debt consolidation program. After getting these facilities of second mortgage you may now say now that why not get a second mortgage because it has enormous uses after all.

The main thing you need to take care that it is also another mortgage loan against your loan. If you get default that loan you might lose your home, an ultimate asset. After taking pre-planning of utilization of the money and reimbursement of the second mortgage loan you can go to apply for the second mortgage loan.

Cash Out Home Equity with Second Mortgage:

Second Mortgage is the best way to cash out ones home equity. One may need a lot of cash but cannot avail it through credit cards or any other means. Second Mortgage may helps to fulfill the need. It is nothing but a loan against ones home on which already there exists a primary mortgage, it is also an only way to cash out your home equity. It is given only on the basis of home equity which is the difference between the current appraised value of home and the amount has been paid towards the first mortgage.


The second mortgage has less priority compared to the first on the same property. In case of defaulter, he needs to clear his first mortgage loan before paying off the outstanding balance on the second loan.

Benefits of Second Mortgage
1. It may help one to repay his other debt like car loan, medical costs, kid’s tuition fees and other bills too.
2. Invest cash in a business but one should keep it in a mind that this business return should be higher than the mortgage rate.
3. One may use it to avoid paying PMI.
4. Here is chance to purchase property with cash out from home equity with the helps taking Second Mortgage.

Risks of Second Mortgage

1. The interest rates on a second loan are higher to that of the first loan
2. When one refinances his first loan after getting the second mortgage loan, he should subordinate it by requesting the lender. Otherwise it may consider as first loan as a result of which the first mortgage refinance will cost you more in interest charges.
3. In case of defaulter to pay second loan, he may lose his home.

Second home loan helps to get a lump some money. If one who fall to pay the loan and its high interest he may lose his property. So before taking Second mortgage one should be prepare and calculate how much he effort to pay in addition to the first loan.

Difference between the Second Mortgage and Refinance:

Whenever you go to buy a home you must have mortgage loan for the purchase of the property or home. This mortgage is called primary and first mortgage loan. You want to take another mortgage loan on the same property subordinate which is called second mortgage or subordinate mortgage but when you like to take advantage of a best interest rate and consolidate your all loans you can choose a refinancing mortgage loan of the current loan.

The refinance will actually change or replace the primary mortgage loan with a debt compulsion under different terms of loan. So the refinance is replacement of the existing loan with a new loan and the second mortgage is an additional loan on the same property along with the existing loan.

The main difference between the second mortgage and the refinance is increasing the liability. The refinance is the different loan with same balance due but the second mortgage is a new loan burden for the borrower. On the other hand second mortgage will not reduce the chance of foreclosure but the refinance will reduce the chance of the foreclosure.

The refinance will help to reduce your monthly expenditure by reducing interest rate but the second mortgage will charge a very high rate of interest for its risky nature which makes your monthly payment high along with payment for the first mortgage. To get the second mortgage loan you will in need of enough home equity but to refinance your mortgage you require no home equity.

The both are the different type of loan to beneficial for the borrower. In this both loans you can pay off the other unsecured debts out of the extra cash on second mortgage home equity loan and consolidation option of the refinancing.