Payday Loans

Payday Loans

There are many good and negative thoughts about the usage of payday loans revolving in the financial market but in actuality, the real fact is very simple. These loans are generally smaller in size where the maximum could go to around $1500 or maybe lesser.

Borrowers in this case need to deposit a check which is post-dated, to the lenders. They can also make arrangements by which lenders can take out the loan amount plus their service charge from the bank account of the borrower after a stipulated amount of time automatically.

payday loans

The lender will hold the post dated check signed by the borrower till the time to cash it. When the next payday arrives, borrowers generally have few options with themselves like asking the lenders to cash out the check or they can even ask them to return the check in exchange of the fund owed.

Borrowers can even ask the lenders to rollover the loan taken if he/she is not having sufficient funds to repay the loan. The system of back to back transaction is also popular among lenders but it is of no help to borrowers as in the end they just loose more money because they have to pay extra fees.

Who uses Payday loans?

Payday loans are famous as an easy way to get relief from any kind of financial crunch. This is because these loans are mostly taken by the low income group or people who have a hand to mouth situation with their finances. These people take these loans to satisfy their emergency financial needs but according to the rules are most of the times incapable of repaying the loan within the time frame given which is usually 2 or 3 weeks. Thus, they need to rollover the payday loan paying fees which is greater altogether than the principal amount.

Payday loans on books are the loans which are supposed to be taken during a financial emergency once in a while or as we call it one time assistance. However, this is not the case as surveys has shown that most lenders have provided money to people who have already taken loans from them 2- 3 times during a single year. Surveys also show that there is a increase in this practice and around 91% of the loans are provided to people who have already enjoyed 5 to 6 payday loans that year.

Payday loans are a widely applied way to solve such complications. Loan company search can become a problem. Even though you are free to get so much data either by surfing the net or in magazines that tells about easy cash advance, it’s still not simple to find a respectful lender.

The first decision that might appear in your mind is to open your local classifieds and get a loan company there. It’s a reasonable and widely spread decision that is not bad, but usually not quick. Rather often it also requires going to loan company’s office, from time to time even several times. When you use your PC and surf Internet, you will notice different promotions and exclusive loan packages. Why is it so?

Because of serious competition lenders are obliged to decrease interest rates and fight for borrowers, fastening whole process of approval. The only fact you are better to remember is that it’s recommended to get a lender in your country. If a borrower from the US tries to receive a payday loan from, f. ex. , U.K. firm, he or she will always be given a worse interest rate because of more risk. Definitely, sticking to a firm in your or neighboring state can make your day.

What is required to get a payday loan?

There are not many requirements needed to get a payday loan and includes personal identification, address proof, personal checking account and also proof of steady income either from a job or through government dependency.

Be Careful When Taking a Payday Loan:

Americans are doing everything they can to stretch their dollars and paychecks.  However financial emergencies do happen and since banks isn’t lending as easily and credit cards are reducing their limits (and in many cases closing credit cards), it is becoming more difficult to get financing for financial emergencies.


That is when and where other type of short term loans such as payday loans and title loans come to play. Payday loans in particularly re becoming very  popular online. Simply because they are easier to get.

A person who needs cash can search for payday loan online with a direct lender or a payday loan affiliate. And since payday loans are usually below $1000, that person can apply for multiple payday loans from different payday loan lenders. But that is where the problem starts.

Most people who are in need of a short term cash loan because they need money for bills, will not shop around enough to find the cheapest and most affordable loans. It has been documented that average payday lenders charges more than 400 annual APR on payday loans because of the nature of the loan (very high risk and expensive to the lenders too). And therefore the borrows default, piling up debt, and hurting their credit score that eventually can drive them to bankruptcy.

So our advice is that, if you ever have to take a short term loan such as a payday loan, make sure you have tried borrowing money from other sources such as friends or families, and if you end up having to take a payday loan, make sure you educate yourself about payday loans.